Architectural vessel
Architectural vessel

Architectural vessel


H 17 x W 20 x D 12 cm View other works and artist info

Gerald Weigel, born in 1925, grew up in Thuringen where, like his ancestors, he learned the trade of porcelain-making. He moved to Höhr Grenzhausen in 1947, working as a porcelain model-maker, first in a factory and ,from 1954, in the workshop of Eifriede Ballzar-Kopp. In 1961,Gotlind and Gerald Weigel set up a joint workshop in Mainz, Until 1964, Gerald also worked at the Romanesque-Germanic National Museum as a restorer. In the early years they followed a particular working relationship. Gotlind threw and Gerald glazed and fired in the electric kiln. Ceramics from Germany were almost unknown internationally until the late 1960s. This situation changed in 1968 thanks to an exhibition at Henry Rothschild’s Primavera Gallery in London. The show featured works by Margarete Schott, Ursula and Karl Scheid, Beate Kuhn, and Gotlind and Gerald Weigel. The event was a tremendous success and the participants afterwards presented their ceramics under the name London Group in a series of subsequent exhibitions.


Gerald Weigel architectural vessel
Gerald Weigel ceramics at Modern Shapes Gallery